Suncoast business owner want to show teens that they are not forgotten and have a future, through her backpack program

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


Tanya Marie Unnerstall came across the need to supply homeless teens in the North Port and Englewood area with backpacks for school and acted upon that need.


She started contacting school counselors to see how many homeless kids were within the schools, if they were in need and their gender.  She found out that there are a lot of them in the school system within Sarasota County and she decided to act.


Tanya came up with the concept of a backpack because the kids tend to tote around all their belongings in them and couch surf from home to home.  Each backpack has an Amazon wish list plus a gift card of $100 for the homeless.  The needy are provided with $35 or that is the goal.  Additionally, the bags have socks, toiletries, food, and they try to include a gift.  Tanya’s objective is for them to feel that it is a gift and not a handout.


This program is anonymous and confidential.  Tanya’s team drops the backpack off at the school and the school passes them out to the kids in need.


Tanya’s goal is to provide the backpacks to 150 kids this year.  A significant undertaking, compared to the 50 homeless teens that Tanya helped out last year.  Tanya said that there are normally 10 homeless kids per school and 40 below poverty, based upon some of the past numbers.


Tanya said that teens are the forgotten age group, and she does this for them.  They are our future, and she wants to show them we care and then maybe that’s enough to push them to graduate and help others some day!


If you would like to donate or help Tanya out, her information is below:


Tanya Unnerstall
[email protected]