Francesco Abbruzzino – The Scoop For the trolls like Deserei Becham that decided to email me calling me a liar for putting out false info. The screen shots are of Eric Robinson, who is on the School Board or was, not sure when his last day is on it. He is the one stating that it will be taught. I asked a simple question “will Sarasota County be teaching BLM”, not that they are….. There is a video with Sarasota County on it and Eric’s email. Now the lovely Deserei stated she called the school board and they said no. Well who did she talk to and was it someone in the know there? Also, I can tell you that I have emailed them countless times about issues and they not been honest with me.

I think it states from one person that they voted in favor of it. So, it is not set in stone, which is why the board prob. told Deserei that it is not policy and that is because it is not yet. It is a process to get it approved and I think the fight is still continuing. I don’t believe it states anywhere on the website that it is a policy and happening. I think it eludes to the fact that at this point it is moving forward.


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