Video and pics of a possible tornado in Venice

An update from the City of Venice and more coverage, with a video of the tornado


Possible tornado sweeps sports complex in Venice  


Christine Strenkoski Robinson
In Publix on Venice Ave and I think we were hit by a tornado twice. People are on the floor. Alarms went off. Venice FD on scene. It looks like everyone is fine. 2020 continues to suck.
Update: the store is being evacuated. Water in the store
Second update: I am home. The VFD and VPD were awesome as was Publix employees. They made sure the power was off before we went back to our cars.
Robin Vaccai: It was a tornado. I was in the parking lot, on the phone. Two cars were lifted up and dropped right in front of me – a white Nissan and a silver Kia SUV. All trees came down. Shopping carts flew and my car was hit by a flying cart and dented. I never left my car and after it finally passed by completely I drove home. No shopping today.

VIDEO BY Cedie Comfort