Englewood Armed Robbery Suspect Nabbed – Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

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CCSO – Englewood, FL


A Kissimmee man robbed the Dollar General store on Oceanspray Blvd. in Englewood, FL and attempted to flee from deputies, but was apprehended after a short chase.


At approximately 12:30 in the afternoon on Thursday, April 18, 2024, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office received 911 calls in reference to an armed robbery at the Dollar General located at 11500 Oceanspray Blvd. The calls stated that a black man had entered the store, proclaimed that it was a robbery, and then chased a customer into the parking lot. Outside, the suspect ripped the license plate off of the customer’s vehicle and then armed himself with a machete.


Deputies immediately responded to the location as the subject entered a Toyota Camry and attempted to flee. As deputies made efforts to stop the vehicle, the suspect attempted to ram their patrol cars and was waving the machete out of the window. The deputies were able to avoid the collisions and continued to pursue the suspect.


After a short chase, the Camry came to a stop near the intersection of Piney Court and Treadway Rd. The suspect, identified as Scott Moisses Pierre (12/16/1993) of Kissimmee, FL, eventually complied with deputy commands to exit the vehicle and lay on the ground. As he was being handcuffed, Pierre then began to kick at the arresting deputies, striking one in the leg. He continued to be combative both at the scene and upon arrival to the Charlotte County Jail.

“First and most importantly, I want to express how thankful I am that nobody was hurt throughout this entire ordeal. A subject like this, with an extensive criminal history of violent crimes, does not belong and is not welcome in Charlotte County. This individual has demonstrated that he will not change, and that he refuses to be a productive member of society. The fact that he was even in our community, endangering the great people of Charlotte County, is unsettling and is another example of the ‘revolving prison door’. Now, he’s behind bars (again) where he clearly belongs and maybe this time, they’ll actually keep him there.  I have always been an advocate for second chances, but the hard truth is some people cannot be rehabilitated and need to be locked away to protect society.”


Through witness interviews, deputies were able to determine that Pierre was also the suspect in two other calls for service that morning. In one case, the subject was wielding the machete and allegedly chased after a man who was riding a bicycle near Reinhardt Avenue and Ceres Street. In the other case, which occurred in the same area, the subject is alleged to have made multiple attempts to run over a second bicyclist.

Scott Moisses Pierre is being held at the Charlotte County Jail without bond on the following charges:

  • Robbery with a weapon
  • Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon (x4)
  • Resisting with violence
  • Fleeing or attempting to elude with wanton disregard
  • Driving with license suspended or revoked


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