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Suncoast Humane Society Seeks Foster Parents for Large Big Dogs, after Mamma Pup was Abandoned

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


Suncoast Humane Society

(Englewood, FL – August, 2022) – Suncoast Humane Society (SHS) is urgently looking for a new home for an abandoned dog that was left deserted with her 9 newborn babies. After discovering the beautiful, dark brindle young dog and her puppies in a box, a lovely woman brought them to the shelter this week. When the foster parents arrived to take their new pet home, they left without the dog, because she was “too big.”


“We have all heard stories from across the nation, the skyrocketing numbers of abandoned and discarded dogs,” said Marueen O’Nell, CEO of Suncoast Humane Society, “ Shelters are in crisis with too many animals in need and not enough space. Big dogs in particular suffer because they linger in shelters while people look for smaller dogs.”


Some people forget about the positive side of adopting or fostering a big dog. They are big, so there’s more of these furry animals to cuddle with. Their personalities are so full of life, they make great companions. Some have lots of energy, which makes it great for homes with kids. “If you’ve ever considered opening your heart and home to foster a bid dog, now is the time. More than ever, these dogs need heroes to care for them until a forever home can be found,” said O’Nell.

Suncoast understands that most people have busy schedules. That’s why there are various ways to get involved and foster a pet in need. To learn more about how you can take a large pup for a fun day-trip, visit www.human.org and complete a foster application or call 941-474-7884.


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