Rachel Frank is the next City of Venice Council Member after being voted in by the city council

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Rachel Frank is voted in by the Venice City council to me the next City Council Member until elections in November. They went with this virtually unknown individual, over Sandra Sibley who campaigned aggressively last year for a city commission seat and Dick Lungo who has been very active within the City of Venice for years. Rachel did grow up in Venice and is the grandchild of the previous owner of the Gondolier. I am assuming Rachel has some connections via her family that led to four of the council members essentially going with her over the other candidates, without a lot of conversation taking place.


Rachel had 4 votes
Sandra Sibley had 1 vote
Dick Lungo had 1 vote


A copy of her resume along with the other candidates can be found by clicking — >>> here
The video of the proceedings is below



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