Censored Doctors Decry America’s Pandemic Response At Capitol Hill Covid Hearing

by Kelen McBreen

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



A group of doctors and other medical experts gathered in Washington, D.C. on Monday for a panel discussion on Covid-19 hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).


The specialists include Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bret Weinstein, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Dr. David Wiseman.

Senator Johnson streamed the panel discussion live on Rumble, as other outlets would likely censor the conversation and do not support free speech in the first place.


The Wisconsin senator’s YouTube account was suspended on Friday after the video platform accused him of “making false claims over treatments for Covid-19.”



The 3-hour long discussion was packed full of information the world needs to hear as the majority of the speakers have been attacked and silenced by the establishment.


One viral moment came when Dr. Ryan Cole detailed how a 50-year-old obese, diabetic man called him saying he had Covid and was heading to the emergency room.


“I said, ‘You’re going to the pharmacy, don’t go to the ER,’” the physician explained. “I called in some early treatment medications of the drugs which shall not be named. Said individual calls me a couple of hours later and says, ‘You know that excruciating 9 out of 10 lung pain? It’s now 2 out of 10 six hours later.’”

He continued, “A few hours later, the next morning, he calls me and says, ‘You know that oxygen saturation of 86, it’s now 98%.’ I said, ‘Isn’t that fantastic, early treatment works.’ That individual is my brother. I am my brother’s keeper.”


At one point, Dr. McCullough asked the doctors, lawyers, scientists and others present to raise their hands if they had “witnessed censorship, intimidation, or professional reprisal and damage as a result of” their advocacy for patients.


“I want this to be recorded,” he continued as the majority of people in the room raised their hands. “80% of this room have experienced something negative in their life in trying to promote and help compassionately something positive for patients suffering from a potentially fatal illness.”



Dr. Malone touched on the Omicron variant, saying, “We are truly blessed that Omicron has such low risk for disease and death. However, it has a warning sign.”


The doctor said the FDA and pharmaceutical industry are aware of the potential for antibody-dependent enhancement, or vaccine-enhanced disease occurring due to the universal vaccination policy currently being promoted.


“What we risk is driving the virus, through basic evolution, to a state where it may be more pathogenic and more able to allude the immune response,” he noted. “We are clearly seeing the development of escape mutants that are resistant to the vaccine. Omicron is not only resistant to the vaccine, but its infectivity seems to be facilitated by the vaccine.”



Dr. Malone and other panelists also spoke about vaccinated individuals being at more risk for catching the Omicron variant than unvaccinated people.


Dr. Pierre Kory said there was a “coordinated attack, creating fear,” that prevented doctors from using early treatments for battling Covid out of fear of losing their job or medical license.



During another part of the group panel, Dr. Paul Marik gave an overview of how the toxic drug Remdesivir was approved for use as a COVID-19 treatment.


Senator Johnson invited several federal health agency heads, the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna, and others.