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“I Was Lied To By My Government”: Twitter Flooded With People Saying They Regret Taking Covid Vaccine

by Adan Salazar

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Twitter is exploding with people who say they regret taking the Covid-19 vaccine.


A search on the platform for “regret taking the vaccine” populates tweets from numerous users all expressing they wish they’d never taken the experimental jab.

Many of the tweets going as far back as July 2021 have been documented with screenshots, compiled by, however every day more and more people are confessing their regrets on social media and explaining why they won’t take another vaccine.



“I thought I was getting back to 100% but clearly not. Do I regret taking the vaccine? Yes, and fuck you if you think that’s wrong,” wrote Twitter user @TinaxDez clearly fed up with the lockdown bait-and-switch.


“I think I regret taking the vaccine because the side effects have refused to wear off,” another user said.



“Yeah no, I’m in hell,” wrote user @zukiiswa_gwija, describing horrific adverse reactions.


“I got J&J was bed bound for 2 days, felt like I had Malaria, I regret taking the vaccine,” documented another user.



“I regret getting vaccinated,” many people tweeted toward the end of September.


“I regret getting vaccinated. I did not do enough research. smh,” tweeted another remorseful lady on Twitter.



Another person documented how he regrets taking the vaccine after only getting it to make life easier in New York.


“I know the change is low but if complications arise in the coming years…American will collapse in on itself, absolute war. I regret taking the vaccine but I did because New York is ridiculous otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live my life. Just praying my genetics aren’t fucked.”



Yet another person described their symptoms as reasons not to get another vaccine, saying, “Wow. I got my second covid shot on Monday and since then I have been getting headaches, brain zaps, brain fog, extreme fatigue, endless hunger, vertigo, pressure in head, feeling too hot and the other usual symptoms. I regret taking the vaccine I want to feel normal again!”



Another guy said he’s been sick from the injection for SEVEN MONTHS.


“I regret getting vaccinated everyday,” another anguished user tweeted. “Have been sick since the second shot. That is 7 months. Fuck this vaccine.”



Replying to KING5 Seattle, one user wrote they regretted getting vaccinated and regretted “influencing my family and friends to get vaccinated.”



Another user claimed they felt coerced into getting vaccinated because of an order mandating PCR tests every three days.



“I regret getting the vaccine. I let God down,” another user ominously wrote.



“I regret getting vaccinated. I refuse to get a ‘booster’ which is just another dose of the same vaccine that already doesn’t work,” another perceptive user wrote.



“I regret getting vaccinated so much this shit is kicking my fucken ass,” another female Twitter user documented, adding two cry face emojis.



“I regret getting vaccinated. Before I NEVER got sick. Now I’m positive for this virus. NO MORE VACCINES FOR ME,” another person wrote, attaching photos of a positive Covid test.


“I regret getting the vaccine,” related another Twitter user. “I was lied to by my government I was told that if I got the vaccine that I would not be able to spread the virus and that is a big fat lie and I would have never gotten the vaccine.”



“Unfortunately I had to get hurt first before I woke up. I regret getting vaccinated,” testified another user.



The testimonials and expressions of sincerity are refreshing given the mainstream establishment and the media industrial complex censorship of the fact people are fed up with being jabbed and are feeling betrayed and bamboozled by their governments’ false promises of freedom.



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