Venice Middle School students get disciplined for chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” on their bus

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



This issue was posted in my Scoop Group a few days ago on December 3, but it appears as though the local news and even one major news outlet has picked up the story.  As of this morning there has been 257 comments on the story.  It is way down on the page and the group is private, so I will post this article on it, which will shoot it to the top of the group and you can read some of the comments.  You will have to join, since my group is private with about 21,000 members.  The link is:


A group of students from Venice Middle were changed “Fuck Joe Biden”.  This is a chant that we have all heard at football games and other venues.  “Let’s Go Brandon” became a famous saying after a reporter was interviewing a race car driver and she stated that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon”, when in reality they were chanting “Fuck Joe Biden”. Who knows, maybe the other child misunderstood the chant and perhaps they were changing “Let’s Go Brandon”.


Back to this story, about five kids were chanting and one of them even drew a swastika on the bus window.    Another student took offense to the drawing and reported the students, who were later disciplined.  I believe the student that reported them will fall under a fairly new program, which will offer grant money from the district to relocate to another school.




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