Laundries North Port home seems to be “For Sale”   – SNN

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC

The Laundrie’s attorney states the Laundries are not selling their home. I have updated the posting and made it easier to understand. Originally I had SNN’s report that the Laundrie’s were selling, which has proven to be inaccurate. Under that I had in bold that their attorney states they are not selling the home and a report. I thought it was visible and that people would see that their were two different versions of the story being put out by two different media sources. So, to make it less confusing, I moved the correct report to the top and noted that SNN’s report was wrong and they have updated it. Hope that helps. If rechecking from a cell, you may need to refresh the browser to see the updated information.


To read SNN’s updated story click — >>> here




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