The Woodlands of Venice has caused a stagnant, mosquito breeding swamp on county property

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Heather Miller


Here we are, another year gone by and no progress on the drainage issue created by The Woodlands of Venice, Meritage Homes and Toll Brothers. It is actually getting worse.


It looks so bad that the community itself has planted trees to buffer residents from the the mess they have created. How is this ok?


The development has caused a stagnant, mosquito breeding swamp on county property.  We are already in the Myakka watershed and now the ditches remain wet when they shouldn’t be. Somebody must figure out where all that water is coming from and how to stop it. Please enforce the codes that have been put in place to protect neighboring properties from harm. These codes already exist.


The only road leading into our neighborhood is starting to degrade from constant moisture and it is an absolute eyesore, diminishing our property values. With the new communities excess water being directed to this vital road, it won’t take much before it is completely submerged, in an emergency our neighborhood will be cut off from fire/police/EMS. We have been patient, time to do something!


The pictures below were taken on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. Sarasota County drainage ditches are not intended to become an extra retention pond, if the community needs another pond make them dig it on their own land.




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