Wrong: CNBC Lies About COVID Hospitalizations in Effort to Amplify Calls For New Lockdown

by Paul Joseph Watson

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



In an attempt to amplify calls for more lockdown measures, CNBC erroneously reported that COVID hospitalizations in England have been “steadily increasing” since restrictions were lifted when in fact the opposite is true.


The article, written by Holly Ellyatt, attempts to blame people who don’t wear masks for a sustained spike in COVID hospitalizations.

“Hospitalizations and deaths have been steadily increasing since the summer when Covid restrictions in England were lifted on July 19,” claims Ellyatt.


Except that’s not true.


As economist Andrew Lilico illustrates with official public health data, hospitalizations since July 19 have flatlined if not gradually reduced.



Don’t expect CNBC’s article to get “fact checked” by anyone though, given that it seeks to bolster the official narrative.


“Now the situation is looking dramatically different, with the country recording close to 50,000 new Covid cases a day — giving it one of the worst daily infection rates in the world,” according to the report.


In reality, as Reuters acknowledges, the rise in cases is being fueled by schoolchildren, who are obsessively tested in order to bump up numbers.


As we predicted numerous times, mask freaks waited until pupils and university students returned so they could then point to those figures as a reason to impose another lockdown.


The fact that COVID deaths are still being listed as that if they happened within a 28 day window of a positive test also means that the inevitable number of higher elderly deaths this winter will be artificially added to the total.


That’s because hospitals test everyone who is admitted, meaning that even if an elderly person enters hospital with an ailment totally unrelated to COVID but just happens to have COVID at the same time, their death will be listed as COVID if they die within a month.


The lobbying campaign by lockdown zealots to brainwash Brits into accepting the reimposition of COVID-19 restrictions is underway yet again.


Mainstream media outlets like Sky News are devoting all of their top coverage to striking fear into the general public in order to socially engineer them to submit and accept rolling restrictions as a routine part of life.



Professor Neil Ferguson, whose models have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again, is now calling for new restrictions.


Ferguson took restrictions imposed during the first lockdown so seriously that he and his married mistress traveled back and forth across London multiple times in violation of the rules to have sex with each other.



Ferguson and other lockdown advocates predicted that lifting restrictions in the summer would cause 100,000 to 300,000 cases a day in addition to up to 7,000 hospitalizations a day.


They were wrong by an order of magnitude, so why is anyone still listening to them?



Yet this was all so predictable.


Six weeks ago, we warned how the government was preparing for the re-introduction of restrictions at the end of October when SAGE government advisers foreshadowed their agenda by preparing the public for new lockdowns during the school half term period, which starts on Monday.


The report also noted how the government had already decided to reimpose mask mandates, while simultaneously lying to the public in claiming that wasn’t the plan, just as they lied about vaccine passports, which will likely now be introduced as the country is steamrollered into submission.





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