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We Are On The Verge Of Seeing Widespread Institutional Breakdowns Throughout Our Society On A Massive Scale

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



As a country, we have never been through anything like this before.  In the months ahead, millions upon millions of highly qualified people are going to be forced out of their jobs because of federal, state and local mandates that will soon be implemented.  If you think that this is a good idea, you are crazy.  How will you feel if there is a fire in your neighborhood and your home burns down because there weren’t enough firefighters?  Or how about if you have a heart attack but you have to wait three hours for an ambulance because there aren’t enough first responders?  Those are just two examples of the nightmares that communities all over America will soon be facing as we witness widespread institutional breakdowns on a massive scale.  Many had been hoping that politicians would start backing down once they realized the implications of what they were doing, but that hasn’t happened.  So in the middle of the most epic worker shortage in U.S. history we are about to see millions upon millions of dedicated American workers be ruthlessly terminated.  What our politicians are doing is morally wrong, and it is going to be absolutely disastrous.

Just consider what this is going to mean for air travel.  Approximately 40 percent of all TSA workers have not been vaccinated, and some genius decided that it would be perfect to put the deadline on the Monday before Thanksgiving


The Transportation Security Administration says 4-in-10 members of its workforce, including screeners, remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 as its deadline looms.


The deadline for civilian federal government workers to be fully vaccinated is November 22 — the Monday before Thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel times of the year.


Can you imagine the lines that we are going to see at TSA checkpoints around the country?


If you have stood in those lines, then you know how mind-numbing they can be.


Of course one thing that could keep the size of those lines down is the fact that there will soon be a lot fewer flights because there will soon be a lot fewer pilots.

We all saw what happened when a huge number of Southwest Airlines pilots decided to call in sick for a couple of days.  It was madness, and it made headlines all over the country.


Well, imagine what would happen if such conditions lasted for months.


The co-founder of U.S. Freedom Flyers is using the term “catastrophic” to describe what our system of air travel is potentially facing…


On Monday night, an American Airlines pilot who recently co-founded a group of employees in the transportation industry affected by the mandate called U.S. Freedom Flyers told Fox News host Tucker Carlson the mandate’s impact on the airline industry will be far-reaching.


“If there’s a disruption in one part of the system, it has a catastrophic effect on the rest of the system,” Joshua Yoder said. “It’s going to affect commerce, it’s going to affect trade, and, ultimately, it’s going to affect the economy.”


Our healthcare system will be deeply affected by these mandates as well.





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