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City of Venice pavement sealing starts 9/27

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Road sealing will begin within the City of Venice starting Monday, Sept. 27. The sealant is being applied to recently paved roadways to extend the life of the roadway. This helps reduce future costs and saves tax dollars by extending the interval between paving events. During sealing, a light-colored liquid sealant will be applied after mechanical sweeping is complete to remove debris from the road surface. Once the sealant has dried, sand will be applied to the road to protect the surface during the curing process. This sand protectant will be removed within two days. Areas to be sealed include the Island of Venice, Seaboard Industrial Park, Bird Bay Village, Ridgewood Avenue and Capri Isles Blvd. Please observe the following:

·         No Parking between 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. during sealing and sweeping.

·         Turn off irrigation systems and avoid washing cars, etc., on the day of treatment.

·         Drive slowly in newly treated areas and use caution driving on sanded surfaces.

·         Access to driveways will be available during the process, with the exception of the short application period.

·         Motorists are urged to use caution as crews work in and near the roadway.

As more detailed scheduled information becomes available, it will be shared with residents using the City’s Alert Sarasota County notification call system and door hangers.

For more information, contact the Pavement Technology Inc. information line at 1-800-333-6309 or visit


City Engineer Kathleen Weeden may also be contacted at or 941-882-7409.


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