Sarasota County pulls BLM curriculum $115,000 contract after The Scoop exposes the program


Some have stated it is not in the curriculum, it was for the teachers. When you train the teachers on a certain view point, it is being done so that they will disseminate the information to the students, covertly inserting the BLM material into the curriculum. Next…………. Francesco

School Board Commissioner Bridget Ziegler


I APPLAUD our (recently appointed) Superintendent’s actions and his willingness to publicly state how important it is that he fully understands the content and effectiveness of this training, include the community, and workshop it with the Board prior to any approval.


“On Tuesday, Asplen said he had received several inquiries as to whether the district was using curriculum produced by the Black Lives Matter political organization, a rumor he said was false.


He said he was pulling the contract so he could better understand what was being taught and get more community input.


A pricey and provocative seminar on race relations for Sarasota County School District educators led Superintendent Brennan Asplen to re-evaluate the district’s approach toward helping teachers with cultural sensitivity.


On Tuesday, the new superintendent pulled a $115,000 contract from the School Board’s consent agenda that would have brought author and educator Sharroky Hollie into the district for seven sessions during the school year.”



My original posting on Tuesday that triggered a wave of calls into the school board

Will Sarasota County be teaching the BLM curriculum to students?

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