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Expert: Exponential increase in US COVID “cases” may actually be caused by errors in processing and reporting



(Natural News) The unprecedented rise in coronavirus cases in the United States may be linked to errors in data processing and reporting, according to a medical expert.


Tim O’Shea, a naturopathic physician and chiropractor from San Jose, California, noted in his podcast The Doctor Within, that while the media freely interchanges the terms “cases” and “positive tests” when talking about the sudden spikes, they are actually different from each other.


According to O’Shea, while there is indeed a sudden uptick in positive tests, one must not assume that those are immediately going to be considered as cases, noting that in terms of medical definitions, a “case” is only identified if someone actually becomes ill due to the infection.


“A case is when someone gets sick from the disease. That’s completely different from a positive test. These two terms are not synonymous like media pretends,” O’Shea said.


Furthermore, the rise in positive cases should not be a cause for alarm, as it can be attributed easily to the increase in testing across the country.


“In two months’ time, we had gone from less than 25,000 tests per day to almost 600,000 tests per day. So of course, there is going to be an enormous rise in positives in every state,” O’Shea added, echoing a similar statement issued by President Donald Trump.


If we didn’t test, you wouldn’t be able to show that chart,” President Trump said in a Fox News interview that aired on July 19. “If we tested half as much, those numbers would be down.”


O’Shea, in his podcast, also noted that while the number of positive cases may indeed be rising, it is still not a cause for alarm, adding that 99 percent of people who get positive results in their tests never get the disease. (Related: Inaccurate test results, patient histories fuel more coronavirus speculation.)


“The enormous increase in positive tests do not pose any threat to the nation’s health because only about one percent of these positive tests ever become cases. And even those that do, only about one percent of those are serious enough to require treatment.,” O’Shea said, adding that mainstream media must stop fanning panic with regards to the spike in positives.


“There is no such thing as an ‘outbreak’ of positive tests,” O’Shea said. “The pop media saw an opportunity for maximum hysteria.”


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