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Education Funds Would Follow Each Student Under Proposed Rand Paul Bill

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Education funds would follow each student under proposed bill


What happened:


Currently, federal education funds are distributed to state governments, which then distribute those to local schools. But under legislation proposed by Senator Rand Paul, called the Support Children Having Open Opportunities for Learning (or SCHOOL) Act, those funds would actually follow each individual student.

It would be up to the parents if they would like to spend the money sending their child to public school, or if they would rather use the money for a private school, charter school, or even homeschool supplies. For instance, the money could go towards homeschool curriculum materials, technology necessary for learning, tutoring, and even certain extracurriculars.


“As the impact of the ongoing pandemic and the government response efforts continue to place parents in situations requiring greater flexibility in balancing working and providing for their families’ critical needs, especially when educating their children at home, my SCHOOL Act grants them that flexibility by empowering them to use their own tax dollars to find the option that best fits their family’s needs and allowing them to reclaim a bit of stability in uncertain times,” said Dr. Paul.


What this means:


More choice is always a good thing.


If the federal government is going to be in the business of spending money on education, this at least gives the recipient more control to direct their tax dollars where they see fit.


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