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Will the City of Sarasota put the Unconditional Surrender statue in storage or move it to accommodate for the new roundabout?

By Francesco Abbruzzino, Publisher, The Scoop


I was asked about a picture stating that there was a liberal move to take the Unconditional Statue down and put it in storage.

First, I am not sure of the political persuasion behind the move to take down the Unconditional Surrender Statue.  I think this meme came from Mr. Hyde and he may be stating this because a large part of the City of Sarasota Commission is left leaning and it fits the narrative for his run at being the next City Commissioner.  I do not know if the political leanings of the elected officials are in play here and to be honest, I do not think they are at all.  I think the commission is trying to find options with the new traffic pattern and it is not a move based upon politics.


Right now, the cities lease agreement is up and then there is the dreaded roundabout that is planned.  I am not a fan of a roundabout at this location, with the significant amount of daily congestion at Gulfstream and 41.


My understanding is that they can:

  • Move it somewhere else, but in the same vicinity.
  • Move it to storage
  • Move it to another location, which may not be in the same vicinity.


Again, this to accommodate the new roundabout construction that is planned at Gulfstream and 41.   Some believe that it is a sexual assault and should not be up at all.  Others think it is a great draw for tourist, that flock there for the great view on the bay and a picture next to the statue.  Me, well I like it and hope it remains up in the same vicinity.


The individual asked me what can be done.  Well, you can start by writing the city council.  The City Commission may be reached at [email protected].


The Herald has a write-up about the controversy, which you can read by clicking — >>> here.