Venice: I am concerned greatly for my elderly mother and father-in-law that live on the same street as a Nuisance property


I did post about one of the deaths at t his home a couple months ago.  I embeded a video below, which one of the neighbors sent me.  Basically he communicated the same concerns, alleging that it is  a nuisance home and that drugs are in play. I can not confirm the information below, except the one death that I covered a couple months ago.


There has been a drug related arrest of an individual that listed this home as his address.  Billy Travis was arrested for trafficking meth and some other charges not to long ago.  He did list this Venice East home as his address.  You can read that story by clicking —- >>> here.   So, this individual may have some valid concerns.  Francesco




Nuisance property in Venice on Venice East Blvd


3 drug overdoses 2 resulting in death. The neighbors that live in the neighborhood have reported it to the police multiple times to complain and nothing is being done to secure the property from drug addict squatters. The power was turned off, the squatters turned it back on power company turned it off again and they just ran a generator in the garage. The front windows of the house are missing so they can come and go as they please as they have removed the lock box from the front door that the bank had put on there. It is outrageous the residents of the neighborhood are a fearful to walk their dogs past that house because one of the addicts tried to chase down a woman in broad daylight.


I spoke with a member of the home association and the individual claims there have been two deaths and three overdoses in a year


What can be done Frankie any ideas?