Venice:  Concern that the Mayor of Venice will be speaking at the vigil for George Floyd, which many perceive to be anti-police



It really is not a huge surprise that Ronald will be or is considering speaking (not quite clear w his response) at this event, since the very left leaning progressive group he founded supports the defunding of police.  I remind everyone that that Ron’s political views were out there and the residents chose to ignore them and elected him as the Mayor.   I did post the event on The Scoop and the overwhelming response was that this event was anti-police and something Ronald more than likely understands.  One of the organizers asked me to take it down over the fear of what may happen at the event, based upon the comments.  – Frank


I changed the title considering to will be speaking, after Earl put out his article confirming it. You read his story by clicking — >>> here




Ron Feinsod <[email protected]>


To clarify this issue, there is a peaceful vigil being organized by Peter Madpak from  St. Marks Episcopal Church. I have been asked to speak.
Mayor Ron Feinsod
From: Patsyhom
Sent: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 11:26:01 AM
To: City Council <[email protected]>
Subject: Protestors


Word around town is the Mayor has invited protestors to our town, this is a bad idea.  Our little bit of paradise has already been threatened
because of the over building that goes on constantly .  Now the Mayor wants to bring in protestors to disrupt our town, I figure Covid 19 did
enough damage in that area.  Even with peaceful protesting there is always the threat that other groups of wrong doing will follow like Antifa
or Black Lives Matter Organization, we don’t want this in our town.  Please rethink this for all our sakes.   Regards,  Pat