Christian Ziegler: Current COVID Facts for Sarasota County – Population = 430,000 or so


Christian Ziegler

I have been pushing (for a while) to get more data included in our reports.

Today, the Sarasota County Flash Report (which goes to all elected officials) was updated with additional data points that many electeds weren’t aware of or tracking. This will allow them (and myself) to make better decisions.

I have pulled the most relevant data points into this graphic below.

The data allows YOU (as well as me, a policymaker) to review, analyze, and make conclusions & decisions based on real data.

Review the chart below. Then drop a comment below sharing what data point(s) stand out to you and why.

Fine Print: As with the last post, if this makes you angry and your urge is to attack, I promise you most people will appreciate if you take a step back, breath and come back later and it’ll lead to a more productive discussion.

Health PSA: COVID is NOT over. It doesn’t mean we need to panic, but we do need to be smart as long as possible to buy some time for a vaccine/herd immunity (whichever one is your jam is). Social distance. Wash hands. Stay home when sick. Be respectful of your neighbors (especially those who are high risk).

Stay safe Sarasota County!