Suncoast: Detectives are investigating a burglary of $400k+ of Mercury boat engines & GPS equipment


DAY OF WEEK: Friday-Monday

INCIDENT DATE: 05-22 // 05-25 -2020

TIME: 1430-1130 hrs.

Case Number: 2020-013313 // 2020-013364
Incident Type: Burglary over 400,000 // Stolen Truck Business: Yellowfin Boats // Coating Application Technologies
Location: 6570 18th Street East // 1851 67th Ave East Zone: E20
Victim(s): Yellowfin Boats // Coating Application Technologies

On 05-25-2020, an employee of Yellowfin Boats went to Yellowfin Boats to conduct a check on the business which has been closed since 05-22-2020. When he arrived, he noticed an overhead door was open and immediately contacted his supervisor and the owner. It appeared the company’s forklift was used to remove approximately 8 or more Mercury boat engines and an unknown amount of Yamaha boat engines from the floor. Several wooden cabinets that contained GPS / marine electronics were pried open. In total, approximately $400,000 worth of equipment was taken.

At around 6:22 am on 05-26-2020, deputies responded to Coating Application Technologies, a neighboring business of Yellowfin Boats in reference a stolen flatbed truck. The white 2005 ISUZU had been last seen at that location on 05-23-2020 around 5:30 pm. Detectives are currently investigating both cases and are trying the determine if the crimes are connected.