I was burglarized in Wilton manors and the suspects may be in Venice.



Remember these are allegations and all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. – Frank



Mia Rainone


These photos were found on my iCloud TAKEN IN VENICE.


The people who stole my iPad and MacBook either are the people in this photo or sold it to the people in this photo.


I want justice.


I am a traveling nurse working a crisis assignment in Florida. I came to this community to help during the pandemic and I was burglarized.


I was burglarized in Wilton Manors Florida.


These photos say they were taken in Venice Florida.


I found IP addresses in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale for my Apple products .


Yes I am working with the police and detectives.


But social media can help.


IF ANYONE RECOGNIZES THESE FACES PLEASE CONTACT Me and/or the Wilton manors police department


EDIT: I was at an Airbnb in Wilton manors , the house was broken into on May 9 between 3pm-3am.