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Christian Ziegler: Pretty sobering message from a citizen regarding the economic impact of losing a job with the safer at home order


== Pretty sobering message from a citizen (showcases the economic factor) ==


The reality of today’s struggle is real and how much longer people will be able to stay silent in this crisis is unpredictable.


Imagine being a head of household, and not being able to provide for your family. (Maybe you can’t work from home, and maybe you are unemployed) I don’t think the majority even relates; because while being stuck at home, they are still getting a pay check working from home. 


Maybe you are a Mother, a Father, or a single parent that is unemployed. You have Children that are hungry and bills to be paid , yet you have been furloughed for the “greater good!”


Your Bank account has $4.00 in it and you have nothing else coming in. Unemployment hasn’t kicked in, and that huge Stimulus Check hasn’t been received yet either.


Would you still endorse a shutdown of our economy and continue support “safe at home” order?


What do you do when you have no money, no job, no food and still have to provide for your family and pay your bills?


How far would you go to insure your Children are taken care of?


If you asked me that same question, as to what I would do to provide for my children, you would probably be horrified by my answer. It’s probably why we don’t ask certain questions like that, because we know what a parent will do to provide and protect their child.


This is what people need to realize and ask themselves how much longer people will be silent while their children have no food to eat, no job to pay the bills and no belief it will all be over soon.


Keep it up and things are going to get much worse than you ever imagined!


You are going to have to start worrying about a LOT more than a Virus from CHINA!