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Donate to The Uncensored Report (Scoop News)

I am getting away from ads on the site.  Without any revenue, I had to drop the plan I was on for hosting the website.  So, it may be a lot slower.  I am taking donations and with the donations, I will upgrade to a faster server or one that can handle 400,000 to 600,000 monthly visitors.  If no money comes in, I will just continue on with the current plan and operate at a loss, which I have basically been doing for over ten years.

Below is a link that will allow you to donate any dollar amount.  You can do it one time or setup a recurring monthly payment.  If you donate, this will not give you influence over my content.  In the past, individuals have tried to use their donation to influence content and I had to shoot them down.   That is why I am staying away from local advertisers because they tend to use their advertisement dollars to influence content, like we see with the local and national media.

To donate, just click below and thank you for your support