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Why you should get tested for sleep apnea, if the signs are there

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


For years I’ve had challenges sleeping at night.  Jumping up at the slightest noise and waking up tired after sleeping or what I thought was sleeping, for a few hours.  My wife pressured me to get a sleep apnea test, but I resisted for years.  Then while talking to my PCP at the VA, she asked how I slept, based upon some of the issues that I presented.  Still, I would not go through a sleep analysis.


Then a few months ago a friend passed away in his sleep.  Some believe it was tied to sleep apnea.  So, it got me thinking and I decided to go through the study with the VA.  The results came back and showed that I was having 27 episodes an hour, which is just below the severe level.  An episode is basically when you stop breathing for more than 10 seconds, due to your passage way being blocked.


I got the results while in Italy in December and the VA sent me a CPAP machine and mask, without going through the normal consultation.  I tried the mask they sent, which covered my mouth and nose.  I had major issues with it and an issue with the ramp up.  Basically, the machines start forcing air in at a low level, once the machine calculates that you are sleeping, it ramps up the air to higher levels.  Well, I would wake up about 45 minutes later tearing the mask off because I could not breathe and I felt like I was suffocating.  So, needless to say, I stopped the nightly treatment.


About two weeks ago I wrote the doctor at the VA sleep clinic and explained the issues.  He ended up sending me a device that just fits over the nose and he lowered my ramp up level from the max of 14, to a lower level.


Well, that was the winning ticket.  I just finished my fifth night wearing the mask and have gone from 27 episodes an hour to 3 on average.  Here is the huge thing, I have realized that I was never having dreams because I was not entering a deep sleep.  Over the past 5 days, I have been having dreams once again.


They say this will help me throughout my day, that I will not be as tired, cranky, and everything else that comes along with the lack of sleep or a deep sleep.  I have not experienced that yet, but I hope over time I will.


The reason I am sharing this is, if others are out there like me.  You never saw yourself wearing a ridiculous mask at night or just did not want to go through the study.  It is worth it and unlike my friend, it may end up saving your life.  😊


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