Report: Food prices 20% up from 2 years ago

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


It is strange that this data came out today, since I started writing this article earlier today.


I was listening to two individuals talk politics and they were going on and on about how great the economy is…………..   The basis they used as a gauge on how great the economy is doing; was how great the stock market is doing.  I know both gentleman and they are rather wealthy and I gather a bit out of touch with the reality of the situation.


I was in line at the grocery store on Saturday and the grocery bill for the elderly gentleman in front of us, came to $401.  He had a lot of stuff, but they were little things and I was surprised at how much his bill came to.  I am guilty of never paying attention to my bills because it has never been an issue, so perhaps that is why I was surprised.  However, after hearing his total, I paid attention to my grocery bill.  I bought some items for dinner and some extra items and it came to over $100.  I went back in on Sunday and bought some items for pasta Sunday, with some extras.  That bill came to over $100.  Over $200 for two dinners and some extras…………….


Then over the weekend a friend and I talked about how expensive gas is now, compared to a few years ago.  Then the conversation revolved around how that extra gas cost is leading to increases in cost from shipping to production, eventually leading to higher food cost at the grocery story and the huge bill from dining out on Saturday with her friends.


My point, I think to many times individuals that are better off, think the economy is great because their pension plan is growing with the stock market.  They don’t look at the fact that a family with two income earners has a hard time renting a home in our market due to the cost factor.  They do not realize how much more families are paying for groceries, the significant amount of money that is being put out towards filling their tank with gas, the cost to buy their kids clothes and everything many other purchases that show inflation is not in check and that the stock market is not a solid indicator at how well the economy is doing.   Many of them are like myself, just paying the bill and not paying attention to the cost factor.


My advice to them is to realize that a significant amount of people in Sarasota County and elsewhere, could care less about the stock market valuations, which do very little for them.  Realize that because economist picked the best 30 numbers from a bucket of inflationary data, which best represent an inflation number they can live with, does not represent the reality of the situation for many Americans.  As my wife often states, some people need to take their heads out of the clouds, come down to earth and realize that people are suffering financially and that the stock market is not an indicator of the economic health of the average American.





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