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I checked out We The People medical clinic in Venice and walked away with a different perspective than the local major media

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC

Disclosure: I wrote this article on 3.9.24. After my visit and learning about them, I talked to my daughter who is due in a couple weeks with my first grandson, about this clinic. She wanted to try it out, so I worked out a trade with them, effective 3.21. This took place two weeks after I wrote this article and had no impact on my review of the clinic. Francesco Abbruzzino

I have been hearing a lot of news coverage on We the People Health and Wellness Center (WTP).  So, I decided to stop in and get the real story from them.  Are they as evil as mainstream media makes them out to be?  Or is it a company that wants to offer medical services to the public, without the restrictions that are brought on by insurance companies?


Keep in mind that I have been in the medical arena for over 25 years, owning a medical billing company.  My revenues come directly from medical clinics sending claims out to insurance companies.  My company ensures that the claims are paid to the clinics.  Clinics with business models that WTP is following, are not good for the insurance industry or for that matter, my industry.  From that perspective, I am not a fan. 😊  However, for this report, I am looking at this from the perspective of an individual that has faced mandates and forced medical actions because their only option is to go through their insurance.   WTP offers an alternative solution and what many call medical freedom, avoiding the insurance industry and doctors that may push certain medical actions under the influence of big pharma and big payouts.

Adult exam rooms are setup based upon themes


WTP offers a service that is similar to a concierge type service.   Instead of processing their patient visits through their insurance company, they offer a monthly membership.   Membership fees run from $55/mth to $250/mth (entire family).   What do you get when you pay the fee?  Unlimited visits, 2 free vitamin shots, direct text & email access to the PCP, free baseline labs, and discounts on other services like IV therapy, red light therapy, vitamin shots, and much more.  This model has proven to be successful for WTP, which has over 500 patients since opening a few months ago.  Also, this approach means they are not held hostage by big pharma, insurance companies and medical associations to push ineffective and in some cases, dangerous medical solutions.   One thing I appreciated about them is the exam process.  Normally a patient will visit their PCP and the PCP will code out a level 3 or 4, after maybe spending 10 minutes with the patient.  At WTP their goal is to spend as much time that is needed with the patient.  If that means one hour, then it is an hour.  Also, that monthly fee allows for as many visits as the individual needs with their issue and WTP does not restrict the patient to few visits due to insurance coverage issues.


The clinic’s managing partner is Tanya Parus.  Tanya was a major force in fighting for patient rights during Covid, questioning mandate vaccines, isolating individuals that did not take the vaccines and firmly believed that individuals should be given access to alternative medicine in their fight against Covid.  Alternative medicine that was originally casted as voodoo cures, but later proved to be quite effective against Covid.  Also, Tanya recently announced that she is running for the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board, with the hope of encouraging them to offer more medical freedoms to their patients.  She has also been a patient rights advocate on the national level, recently interviewing Dr. McCculough in Austin (you can see that interview below).



Tanya started WTP clinics in an effort to allow the public to access to doctors that are not forced to mandate vaccines or alternative procedures, which tend to bring their clinics a ton of money.  For example, during Covid, I can tell you that doctors were paid significantly more money based upon their coding.  I know this because I own a medical billing company and had access to the fees, receiving all the same documentation as the clinics and hospitals.  Something I shared on my scoop pages with the official documentation on the fee increase and trolls still came on denying it.  I know it is hard to believe, but the clinics and hospitals definitely had a financial incentive to push the Covid diagnosis on individuals and to push the CDC prescribed medical procedures.  Unfortunately, many fought back against this and they found themselves losing their licenses or being ostracized within the community.


IV therapy room


I toured the facility and it offers a very warm and welcoming environment.  Their exams are usually an hour long, versus the rushed approach that is taken with most PCP.  I toured the pediatrics wing because my daughter is getting ready to give birth next month and it is something of interest to our family.  Again, a very welcoming environment.  I wanted to find out about vaccines, since many pediatricians will fire patients if they do not agree to give their babies numerous vaccines.  Tanya told me that the doctors will sit down with the mother and patient, to go over the good and bad of each vaccine.  They believe their job is to inform the parents on the different vaccines, then at that point they refer them out to the county health department to get the vaccines that they feel are necessary or not to treat their baby with any vaccines.  She made it clear that the pediatricians do not mandate vaccines at the clinic and will not fire a patient of they refuse to get vaccinated.


Pediatrics hallway. Rooms are setup in the same fun manner


Lastly, I wanted to note a point that Tanya made clear to me.  The clinic is not about pushing pharmaceutical solutions on their patients.  Their goal is to find the real issue and looks for ways to treat it via supplements, diets, or other actions. A more holistic approach of treating the mind and body.


Basically, I walked away feeling that the clinic was offering a needed and essential service to the community and they are not the big bad wolf that some local news outlets have made them out to be.  As we are finding out now that information is allowed to get out, the vaccines had some major issues associated with them.  I get that WTP’s approach is frowned upon by big pharma, insurance companies, and doctors that make money off the traditional approach to treating patients.  However, that approach during covid has proven that there is a need for the type of concierge service offered through WTP.


If you are still skeptical, but interested, reach out to the clinic.  Tanya told me that they take all new patients and perspective patients for tours through the clinic, wanting them to feel comfortable with their decision to become a patient.  I left there leaning towards having my daughter take my soon to be grandson there, as part of the medical coverage I offer my employees through my companies.  If you want to find out more about them, you can visit their website at   They are located on Venice Ave, in Venice.


So, I do not view them as the villains that major local media has presented and they are a viable medical option for individuals to consider.  Thoughts?


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