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Why is Brill and Neal trying to fool Venice Republican’s into voting for an individual that just last year was supporting and supported by liberal candidates?

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


First realize that I am a Republican, some often refer to me as a 1776 style Republican.  Definitely not a Rino (Republican in name only).  One of my biggest issues in Sarasota County is when Democratic Party candidates change parties, so that they can win an election in a heavily conservative area.  For example, John Holic is a known for being liberal, even though he ran as NP or independent during his three elections for Mayor.  Then he decided that he wanted to run for Sarasota County Commissioner, and he changed over to the Republican Party.  Unfortunately, the voting map changed and that would put Holic against a long time Republican politician and now deceased Nancy Detert.  Holic is not the only one, there are a few very liberal politicians that throw their ideology into the garbage can, changing over to the Republican Party, just to win an election.


Why is this a big deal?  Let me explain it to you.  Like I said, I am a Republican and I use to be a member of the REC that canvassed on the behalf of Republican candidates.  I think the party still has me down as an REC because I continue to get the communications, even though I have stepped back from helping the party.  I did this because the local Republican Party is controlled by Pat Neal through his vassal, Jack Brill.  They control led to the party putting out about $50k to paint me as a Democrat when the Rino Nick and I ran against each other.  We are both Republican’s and the party rules state that the party can not take sides, but that did not stop Jack from pushing money through a third party to mail out flyers on behalf of Nick and for the local offices to push Nick over me.  When Republican voters come up to the Republican tents that are set up at various early voting spots, they will ask who is the Republican candidate that I need to vote for…………  As I worked or sat by the tent, a significant number of voters did not research candidates and wanted us to tell them whom the Republican candidate was, so that they could vote along party lines.  The volunteers then provide a list of the Republican candidates and 80% of the voters would vote along party lines, not even knowing the candidates position.


So, here is the issue. Mitzie Fielder an individual that has run with the support of the Democratic Party and fully involved in the local activities of the Democratic Party as early as last year, is running to retain her position on the Venice City Council.   Whoops, I mean Dr. Fielder.  She has a PH.D. and wants to be referred to as doctor on the dais, kind of like Jill Biden.  She was not elected as a doctor, she was elected as a City Council member and like the others, should be referred to as council member. Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine.  Well, Mitzie was voted into the position as someone that would curb development, but her votes illustrate a different position on development.  She is being pushed by Pat Neal because her voting record is inline with Pat’s business needs.


Here are some documented facts, illustrating her support for the Democratic Party and very liberal causes:

  • When the leftist Ron Feinsod ran for Mayor, Mitzie Fielder was there canvassing for Ron’s election. You would see her out there on a regular basis pushing for her fellow Invisible Venice candidate.
  • Mitzie ran against Republican E. Carliesimo and soundly defeated him with the support of the Democratic Party in 2017. Carliesimo is a member of the REC.
  • Mitzie supported the very liberal school board candidate Lauren Kurnov just last year. What has changed over the last couple of months?
  • Here is a posting by the Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Sarasota County supporting Mitzie in 2017 because she was a staunch Democrat on 11.7.2017 “All City of Venice Residents! Don’t forget to go vote today. Everyone’s Voice needs to be heard. Vote Mitzie!”
  • Inside Venice, Ed Martin. Does anybody think Ed would support an individual that is not a member of the Democratic Party or believe in his very liberal causes?  He sure loved Mitzie, before she changed parties and became a Rino.


These are just some points that illustrate that she is not only a Democrat, but a very liberal Democrat.  When I state she is a Democrat, I mean that her views are in line with the Democratic ideologies. I could not confirm that she was or was not in the Democratic Party. Yet many of my fellow Republican’s will be told to vote for her because Pat Neal managed to talk her into changing parties, so that he can financially back her.  A decision she had to make because her seat was at risk of being lost, due to her voting record.


My point with this writeup is, just because a candidate is a member of the Republican Party, don’t believe they share your ideology or that they are the best candidate.  I really do not know about Joan Farrell who is challenging Mitzie, and I am not saying vote for her.  I know many Republicans are sitting this one out because they are tired of Jack Brill dressing up rino’s and trying to sell them to us as viable candidates.



Below is one of the postings, where the party is pushing Mitzie the very liberal Rino.


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