Suncoast:  Man arrested after a child overdoses on a drug he discovered behind a dresser

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


Adam Roberts was arrested on Wednesday, after a child under his supervision swallowed what appears to have been a 10 milligram Percocet pill that was bought off the street.  The child found the pill behind a dresser within the home.   Adam claims that the child was watching cartoons in another room, as he did laundry.  He found the child in a drowsy state and some how associated that with an overdose, based upon his previous use of drugs.


Adam brought the child that he was watching into the emergency room, where he was given a small dosage of Narcan.


Adams admitted to buying some Percocet pills from a co-worker earlier that morning.  CCSO tested Adam for drugs, and he tested positive for fentanyl.


Adam was arrested.  You can read the charges below.

Date Confined OCA Number Booking Number
July 5, 2023 2303-003455/23-851F


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