Venice residents are concerned about the governor replacing their local representative, with someone that lives in northern Sarasota

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



A concern was brought up about Neal Rainford being selected to replace Nancy Detert, as the next Sarasota County Commissioner.  Nancy represented the Venice area.  This is important because the county went to single districts and the people elect a representative that lives in their area.  To run for Nancy’s Venice seat, the candidate must live within the Venice area.  Venice is broken in two districts, which you can see on the attached map.   The portion of N. Venice, heading north is a different district, which is represented by Joe Nuender.


Patricia asked if Neal lives within the district: “I don’t think this guy lives in the district he is supposed to represent. Not happy with his clear ties to development”.  A simple search on the Sarasota County Property Appraiser site, list that Neal owns one home.  It is just off Fruitville Rd, on Deer Prairie Dr., which is not in Venice.  So, Patricia has a valid point.  How can the Governor replace a County Commissioners seat for the Venice area, by an individual that lives 30 minutes north in northern Sarasota?  As many of you know I am a Republican.  So, I am not writing this as a left leaning liberal that has issues with the governor or Neal.  I do not even know Neal, and this is the first time I have even heard his name.  I am writing this as a concerned resident of Venice, that is not sure Neal will cover my interest as a resident of Venice.


Many had hoped that someone like Tom Knight would have replaced Nancy.  Tom is our former sheriff and a Venice resident.  There have been rumors that Tom wanted to run for Nancy’s seat because she was set to term out.  He is a viable candidate that is like by many Republicans.  Having the governor choose Neal over Tom, leads me to believe that the usual split within my party remains.  There are many that support Trump and many that support DeSantis.  I suspect that the group that supports Trump was pushing for Tom to replace Nancy and the governor decided to go in another direction.  I could be wrong but following and knowing the inner workings of the Sarasota County Republicans, this would not surprise me.


So, is choosing an individual that does not live within the Venice district legal?  Is it legal because the Governor had to chose someone, so the rules of the game change?  How do residents of Venice feel, knowing that they are now represented by a guy that lives 30 minutes north of our area?  Did the voters choose single districts so that they would be represented by an individual 30 minutes to their north?


How do you feel about this nomination by the governor?  Thoughts?  The story about Neal being chosen to replace Detert is below.



Neil Rainford appointed Sarasota County County Commissioner by Governor Ron DeSantis


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