City of Venice goes full woke with DEI training for all employees

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC

Updated email from another city employee: The city diversity training was a kick in the teeth to any decent person, employees were repeatedly told that their views were wrong. You could make no reasonable counter argument to the “teacher”, her whole class was essentially if you are white you owe everyone an apology. Diversity of sexuality, sex, religion, age was only mentioned the entire time she rambled on about race and slavery. People of different races openly argued against her, and even one person supposedly stood up and stated that “no one owed them an apology”. After speaking to several other employees most of the city had the same felt experience, except for a class held at city hall were the more controversial portions had been left out. This seems like a reaction by upper management to fade the heat from racism cases that they failed to handle correctly. If this class did anything to the staff of the city it only angered them

Go woke or go broke!  That is what the City of Venice has done introducing a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion program to the city employees via SCF Workforce Development.


One of the employees that wishes to remain anonymous, went through the training yesterday.  The individual basically said that after 15 minutes, the individual’s attention was elsewhere.  I got the feeling that the individual, along with other employees are not happy about the cities new woke program.  My understanding is that another training session is going on today, as I write this post.  The individual told me that Alan in HR, the Assistant City Manager, and the City Manager are aware of the program and gave it the thumbs up.  The individual was not sure if the Mayor and City Council were aware of it.  I must wonder though, why an active city council member of mayor would not be aware of that fact that this program is being pushed by the city.


Some have wondered and noted to me concerns with how far to the left the city government has gone. First the city approves the Pride Day, which turned into a nightmare.  Then they are pushing electric vehicles, purchasing a few for city employees to drive around, as witnessed in the video below.  Now, they are pushing out a DEI program to city employees.  Appears that the mayor, city council and city leadership has made the turn towards full woke-ism.  Who knows what other programs are being instituted or pushed by the City of Venice.


City of Venice has Tesla police cars? Looks like it during this drinking & driving Prank in V-Town


As you can see from the attachment that you can read by clicking —>> here, they are introducing the city employees to DEI.  Look at the attachment give us your thoughts.  Below is the cover page for the training, which looks like it is being put on by SCF’s workforce development program.  Thoughts?