Fact or fiction:  Is Venice High allowing cat litter in the bathrooms to accommodate the kids that identify as furries?

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


As most of you know, this page is about local news and scoop.  I would classify this as scoop.  No idea if it is true, but Vicki asked me to put it out there.


To be honest with you, I had no idea what a furrie was and I had to rely on google.  Well according to NIH they are: Furries are individuals who are especially interested in anthropomorphic or cartoon animals (e.g., Bugs Bunny). They often strongly identify with anthropomorphic animals and create fursonas, identities of themselves as those anthropomorphic animals.


So, it is a person that identifies as some kind of animal.  I am assuming by Vickie’s post, that someone identifies as a cat and there is cat litter at Venice High, to accommodate the furry.  I have no idea if there really a litter box in a is or in some bathrooms at the school, but it would not surprise me.


Now, if you search on google you will find that most of these are “unfounded anecdotes”, which this article from Northeastern Global News, which relies on some reporting from CNN.


Like I stated, I do not know if this is accurate or inaccurate rumor, but I did find it interesting and I thought that publishing it will inform the public about furries, confirm, or kill the cat litter box rumor that is floating around out there, it may anger some of you and probably give some of you a good laugh.


I was talking to my daughter about this great controversy and she said that when she went to school at VHS a few years ago (2016), there were furries on campus.  They would walk around with tails, ears and other things attached to their bodies.  So, it would not surprise me that we do have furries in school.


So, let’s hear from you.  Are there furries at Venice high?  Are there litter boxes for the furries in the bathrooms?  Below Vickies email to me are some video’s covering the great furry controversy.


Vickie’s email: Good Morning Frank! My name is Vicki xxxxx. I was born in Sarasota and my parents moved to Nokomis in 1961 when I was a year old. Graduated from Venice high school in1978, I love this area and have been here my whole life. I recently heard from a classmate that he was doing a job at the high school and that we have “furries” going to Venice High. There are litter boxes in the bathrooms. Just when I thought only liberal states has these issues, here it is in Venice. Like the disgusting pride event wasn’t enough. I don’t have Facebook but when I told a friend of mine she was so angry about it and wanted it blown out of the water, she said you were the best person to contact. You don’t hold back. So I just wondered if you were aware of this or wanted to broach the subject. Thank you and have a great day! Vicki