Chocolate milk left in a the fridge, leads to a beat down

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



A fight over chocolate milk lands one Suncoast woman in jail.  Samantha Wright was arrested for aggravated battery, after a heated discussion over milk led to a fist fight.


It all started after the victim came home to find chocolate milk in the fridge.  Apparently the victims mother can is diabetic and can’t be enticed by chocolate milk in the fridge.  The victim went off on Samantha for leaving the milk in the fridge, prior to leaving for church.  Upon her arrival back home from church, Samantha decided to continue the conversation.


However, instead of discussing it, she let her fist do the talking.  During the fight, cat litter was thrown by the victim and eventually Samantha used a glass bowl on the victim, leaving a gash on her face.   Samantha was left with blood all over her fist, from beating the victim.


No information on what happened to the chocolate milk, which was left in the fridge.


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