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Willow Chase residents are losing their patience with team Neal, after they ruptured a gas line this weekend while working on new construction

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC



Folks in Willow Chase have grown tired of Neal, after spending the day without gas, after Neal’s team ruptured a gas line over the weekend.


As one resident noted, this could have all been avoided or should have been avoided.   The individual stated that Neal treats this type of event as a cost of doing business without regard to consequences.  No planning ahead, just dig away and apply the cost of repairing their mistake into the cost of a new home purchase.

Willow Chase HOA


On morning of Friday, September 16, there was a disruption of gas service.

The Neal company who are building the new community across Laurel from Willow Chase was digging on our side of Laurel in the median between the sidewalk and the street.

While they were digging, they broke into the gas main causing a fairly large leak.

The police had to close off the entrance to the community, and there was no traffic into or out of Willow Chase.

Needless to say, all gas service to the community was turned off.

Once the leak was fixed, TECO, the gas company went through the community to each home that had gas service.  If someone was in the home, they checked the appliances and restored service.

If there was no one at home they left a door tag with instructions (see below).

If you need to arrange to restore your service, call (877) 832-6747 and schedule an appointment.  There must be some one at the house to let the gas company employee in to inspect the appliances.



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