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Petition · Stop Commercial Development in the Milano PUD

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


Petition on change.org by the North Venice Neighborhood Alliance  To sign the petition click — >>> here


Dear Neighbor,

We understand that Neal has submitted his PUD Amendment Application to the City of Venice on June 14, to build his regional shopping center.  This obscenity, the inaptly called “The Village at Laurel and Jacaranda” will consist of 70,240 square feet of commercial uses on 10.42 acres.   The uses will include a 47,000 sq ft Publix, a restaurant and other retail spaces including an automotive convenience center.  The automotive convenience center, is a euphemism for a filthy gas station & store.

Entry to the Publix anchored shopping center will be directly opposite the Venetian Golf & River Club entrance off Laurel Road.  The entry to the shopping center will be less that 800 feet from the VGRC gatehouse.   A traffic nightmare awaits.

Neal in his two prior Milano PUD applications in 2017 & 2020 represented “NO COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT.”
We must organize to stop this obscenity in our community.

How This Impacts Our Community

●   Supermarkets: We already have 2 Publix within a 3-mile radius. Why do we need another?

●   Traffic: In a recent article, Neal incredulously suggested traffic will be reduced by 27%.  We have asked for a copy of the traffic survey.  Nothing received to date.

●   Noise: Delivery trucks will arrive early in the morning and in the middle of the night.  Incessant beeping and running engines will resonate throughout the night. Sound travels, you will hear it.

●   Wetlands & Wildlife:  The current wetlands where iconic Florida birds forage (see above picture) will be plowed under for a parking lot. Neal will be required to make a contribution to a mitigation bank. How will that benefit the wildlife and us?

●   Lighting: The shopping center will require flood and security lighting all night and every night.


●   Pollutants: Runoff from asphalt and organophosphates must go somewhere…. Into our surrounding waters and our aquifer.

●   Safety: How will residents of the Venetian Golf and River Club, Treviso Grand Apartments and Willow Chase safely make a left turn onto Laurel Road?

●   Road expansion: In addition to the current widening of Laurel Road to 4 lanes, will other surrounding roads also be impacted?

●  Deceived home buyers: Many home buyers in Aria, Milano and Cielo purchased homes after reviewing the Milano PUD Master Plan’s provision

●  Legality: A retired attorney and a former member of the Greenburgh, NY zoning board has identified several ordinances that are in direct conflict with this proposed zoning amendment.

●  Not Neighborhood in Scale –   Both the City of Venice Comprehensive Plan & PUD standards require commercial development in a PUD to serve the needs of the residents of the PUD and not the surrounding area.

●  Process:  The first step – All land use petitions are submitted to the Planning & Zoning Division. They are then distributed to the Technical Review Committee (TRC) which is responsible for confirming technical compliance.

                                          TAKE ACTION

●   Sign this Petition But, DO NOT donate money through this website – the money does not go to NVNA.

●   Please send an email to Mr. Roger Clark, who is the City of Venice Director of Zoning and Planning.  His office is the first in the approval process.  Please let him know how you feel about this. Mr. Clark’s email address is: rclark@venicegov.com
or at planningcommission@venicegov.com.

●   Email a copy of the same letter to the Mayor and City Council.  They should be working on behalf of our best interests and what we as the voting public wants, not on the behalf of Neal Communities or Publix. Their email addresses are as follows:

– Ron Feinsod, Mayor, rfeinsod@venicefl.gov
– Mitzie Fiedler, Council Member, mfiedler@venicefl.gov
(Lives in the Venetian Golf & River Club)
– citycouncil@venicefl.gov
– https://www.venicegov.com/government/mayor-city-council

●   Send a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.  They can be emailed to: Sarasota Herald Tribune: editor.letters@heraldtribune.com
Venice Gondolier:  ronald.dupont@yoursun.com

●  Read, comment and share posts on the North Venice Neighborhood Alliance’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/258749306377242

●   Read and comment to Venice Area Citizens for Responsible Development on    Facebook.     https://www.facebook.com/groups/VACRD/

●  NVNA is incurring legal & administrative expenses.  Please consider making a contribution to help us fund our operations.  All funds are tracked by our Treasurer, who will ensure any unused money can be returned in proportion to amounts donated.  Please remit as follows:

Mail check (payable to North Venice Neighborhood Alliance) to:
North Venice Neighborhood Alliance
PO Box 104
Laurel, FL 34272

●   Please feel free to send this email out to your neighbors just to ensure its widest dissemination.

We understand that time is a precious commodity and that not everyone can do all of this, but doing just one item above helps. WE CANNOT LET PAT NEAL, THE PLANNING COMMISSION OR CITY COUNCIL MAKE A DECISION WHICH ADVERSELY IMPACTS OUR QUALITY OF LIFE. OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!! We appreciate your support in advance and please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions or constructive comments.

Warmest regards,

The North Venice Neighborhood Alliance Inc.

Alliance was established in April 2022 by concerned residents representing the interests of Laurel Rd East and Jacaranda Extension North to ensure responsible development within and surrounding our residential communities.  On July 25, 2022, the Alliance organized as a nonprofit corporation in Florida and will operate as a 501(c)(4) under the Internal Revenue Code.

email address:
North Venice Neighborhood Alliance <nvnalliance@gmail.com>