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Boone pushes for a change in the Comprehensive Plan, which will double the number of residential dwellings in the Laurel Road Neighborhood in Venice

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


Jeff Boone will be in front of the Planning Committee today pushing for a change to the comp plan in the Laurel Road Neighborhood, which is pictured above.   Jeff is pushing to change the text of the 2017-2027 Comprehensive Plan in the Laurel Road Neighborhood.  He is proposing a change that will increase the maximum development percentage for residential in the MUC from 25% to 50%.  This will change the nonresidential from 75% to 50%.  The change will bring the number of residential dwellings from 972 to 1,944.  Staff appears to support this change.  I guess the question is, why have a comp plan, when Boone can just come before a board and change the text to something that appeases his clients?



The logic is that more housing is needed now that SMH is up and running.  However, Venice Hospital just closed, so doesn’t it all balance out, regarding housing availability?


Will the current council ever stop Boone and his influence over the city? Thoughts?


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