Sarasota Police Department Announces Unique Training with Sarasota Chapter of NAACP

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC




The Sarasota Police Department is proud to announce an innovative training being offered to recruit officers in an ongoing partnership with the Sarasota Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Newly hired Sarasota Police recruit officers, who are in agency-specific training, will have an opportunity to broaden their horizons in understanding the community’s expectations of enforcing laws.


In January 2022, the first training opportunity was held with three Sarasota Police recruit officers and the NAACP, before officers were sworn in and began their Field Training program.  This week, a second training was held with eight Sarasota Police recruit officers and the NAACP.  The NAACP presented various topics to recruit officers including community expectations of police conduct and community perspectives concerning controversial national law enforcement incidents.


“This type of training is essential for Sarasota Police officers in the 21st Century,” said Sarasota Police Interim Chief Rex Troche.  “This training assists with broadening an officer’s understanding of our community on a local level because they are learning firsthand from leaders in the local chapter of the NAACP.  This collaborative effort between our agency and the NAACP to is to betransparent and to actively listen to input from stakeholders in our community,” said Interim Chief Troche.


“We appreciate the fact that Interim Chief Troche and the SPD recognizes the importance of building relationship with the community, and deepening their understanding of community concerns about policing,” said Trevor Harvey, Sarasota NAACP President.  “The purpose of this training is to enhance the ability of these new officers to appreciate those concerns, and increase their effectiveness in engaging with the community in a fashion that is respectful, that fosters trust, and that fully reflects their mission to keep all members of this community safe. And to realize that without community trust, they cannot fulfil that mission,” said Harvey.


The Sarasota Police Department goal of the training is to continue to develop strong relationships with community organizations to continue to educate police officers so they can provide the highest level of compassionate service to all citizens in the City of Sarasota.



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