Enemy of the People: Fake News Media Beg For War During White House Press Briefing

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC


A video compiled by The Intercept shows numerous mainstream media reporters asking the Biden administration to adopt a hardline stance against Russia and impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine – a move that many analysts and even Biden himself have predicted could form the basis for World War 3.



Psaki acknowledged Wednesday to reporters, who were still clamoring for a no-fly zone, that the White House was “interested in getting into World War III.”



The compilation published Tuesday comes as Ukrainian President Zelensky appeared before the US Congress via livestream to request Biden support a no-fly zone over Ukraine, or provide air support and defense systems.


Biden in response pledged $800 million to Ukraine to boost support systems, in addition to $200 million in military aid sent on Sunday.


Biden himself acknowledged declaring a no-fly zone could lead to war with Russia in a recent speech to Democrats last week.



As noted by numerous analysts, including Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, a no-fly zone could lead to Russian casualties, which in turn could provoke Russia to respond militarily and possibly with nuclear force.



Does the MSM begging for war serve the interests of the people, or the military industrial complex?