Why did Long Boat Key hire an interim police chief that was fired from Brooksville under less than honorable circumstances?

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC





Why would this cop be accepted as the Chief of Police in Long Boat key?


They dismantled the Brooksville Police department completely after removing George Turner as the chief of police…… So, why would Longboat Key hire him on as the interim chief?


He was fired from Brooksville because he was not practicing the kind of leadership, they felt was needed to lead his department.


Based upon a letter from the City Manager, George Turner was fired form Brooksville because he “revealed confidential criminal intelligence information or criminal investigative information that revealed personal identifying information of a witness of a murder”.


Don’t believe me, just listen to the news report below or read about it: https://www.fox13news.com/news/brooksville-police-chief-fired?f

So, why hire him as the interim Police Chief over our lovely city of Long Boat Key?

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