SCSO:  We caught the real-life Grinch today after recovering ALL the stolen holiday lawn decor

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC





We’re not here to slam people on social media but if you steal from kids on Christmas, it may be because your heart is two times too small.


With HUGE credit to our Patrol Bureau, our real-life Grinch from December 19, is officially in custody. Bridget Wenzel, DOB 12/29/78, was arrested today after deputies recovered ALL the reported stolen holiday lawn decor in her backyard. Unfortunately, she now faces six counts of petit theft.


We hope this teaches Ms. Wenzel a lesson but more than that, we hope she gets the help she needs.


As for Patrol deputies who saved Christmas…. well, we’ll let these photos speak for themselves. 💚


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