Disconcerting: Empty Store Shelves Stocked With Lawn Chairs to Hide Supply Chain Crisis

Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report, LLC




Footage going viral on social media shows an entire section of a retail store stocked with only lawn chairs, as fallout from Biden’s supply chain breakdown grows more evident.


In the video, a person films inside a retail store where rows of empty shelving have been stocked with lawn chairs, unfolded presumably to take up more space.



“We are at the edge of the precipice,” reads a Twitter caption on the video. “The ‘pretending it’s fine’ aspect of the charade evokes a deep terror.”


It’s unclear where the footage was taken, but it’s safe to assume the store is somewhere in the US given the presence of chairs with an American flag design.


The footage adds to alarming photos surfacing across America of barren retail and supermarket store shelves that are on par with images seen out of communist countries like Venezuela or Cuba.





The crisis prompted the hashtags #EmptyShelvesJoe and #BareShelvesBiden to trend at number 1 on Twitter last week.


Meanwhile, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki on Wednesday claimed the supply chain breakdown, inflation and rising prices were evidence America is prospering.


“More people have jobs, more people are buying goods, that’s increasing demand. That’s a good thing. At the same time, we know supply is low because we’re coming out of the pandemic,” Psaki told CNN’s Jake Tapper.


The line is similar to one spouted by US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who told Tapper over the weekend the supply chain disruptions were a result of Biden’s successful economy.



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