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North Port investigation into the City Managers affair with a city employee is complete and will be discussed by the commission this week



Complaint: On July 7, 2020, Recreation Supervisor, Jonathan Wheatley (Wheatley”) met with representatives of Human Resources to make a complaint about the City Manager having an intimate, personal relationship with Nicole Galehouse, the Planning Manager in the Neighborhood Development SeNices Department (“NOS”). Among other things, Wheatley alleged that the City Manager breached his employment contract, engaged in acts of moral turpitude and behavior that caused the City disrepute, misused City property and violated the ICMA Code of Conduct.





The investigation on City Manager Lear is complete. Here’s the link to the report so you can read it and judge for yourself.


On Tuesday, September 8 at 4pm, the Commission will be discussing this report and take action.


Public comment can be made in person OR online. This link will take you the specific instructions. On Monday after 9am you can click the yellow highlight to access the form. The form is available until 7pm the day before the meeting.


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