The Venice Mayor’s push for a mask mandate for the fourth time is next week, but is it needed with positivity rates dropping without a mandate?

by franncesco Abbruzzino, Publisher, The Scoop


The number of positive coronavirus patients is down, as reported today by the health department (click here).  


As you can see on the map below, the virus is worse within the City of Sarasota, which is one of two entities in Sarasota with a mask mandate.



Venice, North Port, and Sarasota County do not have a mask mandate and the numbers are going down.  These entities did not need government intrusion into our lives because market forces stepped in and businesses started requiring mask in their locations. 


Next week the Mayor will make his fourth attempt to mandate mask.  Not only inside, but outside too.   There are several exceptions, such as when social distancing is possible, medical exceptions and a few others.   The chief of police has stated that they can not enforce the mandate with so many exceptions and basically, they would be pushed to their man power limits asking people to adhere to the mandate.


Meanwhile the management of the city has been put on the back burner.  Many issues are being ignored and not handled because the Mayor has been so focused on his mask mandate and pushing to get candidates on the council that live and breathe his political ideology, like Brian Kelly.  


It is time for the city to get back to Venice and tell the Mayor to stop his politically driven mask mandate.   He states that he is doing it for the businesses, yet several have stated that it is not needed and it will hurt their business.   Like his move to end the invocation at the beginning of the meetings, he has made a mistake trying to push a political agenda, versus doing the job that the people elected him to for………….


If they Mayor gets four votes at Tuesday’s meeting and is one of the first items on the agenda, he can continue his politically driven agenda.  If you want to send an email to the mayor and all council members, use:




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