“It Looks Like My Stove” – Social Media Users Cringe As First Images Of “iPhone 12” Leak | Zero Hedge



Fears the Trump Administration mightinadvertently kill Apple’s China business by banning US companies from working with WeChat have mostly abated, not that they ever really had much of an impact on Apple’s share price. As the ‘work from home’ frenzy drives Apple’s market cap north of $2 trillion (cementing the consumer tech giant’s status as ‘the world’s most valuable company’), Wall Street analysts are apparently too preoccupied with the fate of the app store to worry too much about sales projections for the upcoming handset upgrade cycle.


And with September just around the corner, the first images of the upcoming ‘iPhone 12’ have leaked, and they’ve sent Twitter aflame with laughter as users bashed the four-camera layout that gave the phone’s facade a sort of eerie aspect.


Some even complained that the arrangement triggered their “trypophobia,” an irrational fear of holes drilled in the following pattern (sufferers claim that images like this one make them nauseous).


By Monday morning, users got “iPhone 12” trending on Twitter before the official launch, which isn’t expected for a few more weeks.




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