Florida reports lowest COVID-19 positivity rate since June as Tampa Bay sees dip in hospitalizations | wtsp.com


Major media stopped tracking deaths a while ago because they were so low and started tracking positivity, which is meaningless.  I know of five people that all tested positive and yet within a month of that result, none of them had the antibodies.  So, how did they test positive?  Media is using that number because it was so high and they could continue to push that narrative to get their clicks and continue to spread fear. This is yet another reason to scratch the Venice Mayor’s push for a mask mandate. Basically the City of Sarasota is the only area with a mask mandate and they have the worse numbers. Without government mandating mask all the numbers are going down and it is time for the Venice City council to get back to managing the city and stop spending time on the Mayor’s fourth attempt to mandate mask next week. Frank


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