Did you know that North Port has 9 Activity Centers?



North Port


Activity Centers create unique identities for areas within the City. This week we are introducing Heron Creek. Heron Creek is located near many family-friendly amenities like the Morgan Center, the Mullen Center, North Port Aquatic Center, and the Narramore Sports Complex. It is also close to three schools from Elementary to High School. Heron Creek is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts with more than 2 miles of walking trails along Sumter Blvd, plenty of waterways for kayaking or fishing, and is close to local nature parks. There are development opportunities for commercial and residential builders in this Activity Center with 81.29 acres of undeveloped land. Heron Creek is home to 39 businesses and room for growth. If you are interested in developing in this activity center please call the Economic Development Division at 941-429-7029.



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