Concern that the City of Venice Mayor is focused on mask and not the outrageous salaries being paid even though workloads have been cut significantly or are nonexistent



Our Mayor is only focused on getting council to pass his mask  policy.   I pulled the email below from the server and it concerns me that with the decline in business that the Mayor is focused on mask and not positions that have workload cuts.   By the way, the area with a mask mandate in place has the most cases of the coronavirus, versus areas that are not mandating.  So, why is the Mayor pushing this issue?  Is it for political reasons?

Health and safety is the number goal of any city but his leadership is never going to get the other 6 votes.


Several regular and special meeting have been called and no mask policy.


Meanwhile ………..  waste of money and he is not focused on the operation and costs of our city.


Also the city still has all their clerks in Lorie’s office.


With no advisory meetings, city hall closed ……what are they doing????

If you want to send an email to the mayor and all council members, use:





Subject: Special Events Coordinator

Shirley Gibson left July 31 to take another position outside of Florida.
This position is currently advised for $55-$60,000 plus benefits.
Why is this person going to do with all the special events shut down?
Even Main Street events are shut down.
The reason I am calling this to your attention is because council had a verbal agreement during the budget workshops with the City Manager not fill these positions ?

1) What happen to that agreement ?
2) perhaps council should vote on it?
3) with the virus no special events can be planed so what is this person going to do?
4) this sets a very poor fiscal practice with council role of financial oversight.?
5) click gov is currently handled with Bramble and a clerk.

In summary the position should stay in the budget but put on hold from hiring and spending $80,000. Our budget might need the money



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