City of Venice votes to mandate mask on the fourth attempt




Feinsod sweating before the meeting where he will have his last chance to mandate mask.



Read the document because basically nothing has changed. If you walk down a sidewalk or state medical exemption and do not wear a mask, you are fine. Basically you have to wear a mask in doors and outside in crowds. If you chose not to wear a mask and are asked why no mask, claim medical exception and they are not suppose to ask for any other info, if they do claim HIPAA. Actually it was made very clear that proof a medical condition would not be required. To be honest with you, I have listened to the Venice debate and the VPD chief does not seem like a supporter of the mandate and has stated that with the exceptions, he has some major enforcement concerns. It is a useless ordinance driven by Feinsod, Caturro, and Fielder. Helen Moore gave them the final vote relying on one report from Sarasota Memorial ignoring reports from epidemiologist and others. Shameful. They have to review or vote to keep the ordinance every 30-days

From City of Venice on the ordinance
Venice City Council passed an ordinance on second reading today (Tuesday 8/25) requiring face coverings in the City. The ordinance passed 4-3, with Mayor Feinsod and Council Members Cautero, Moore and Fiedler in agreement.

The mask ordinance is attached. A note that there are 14 exceptions to the ordinance, including those observing social distancing, children under 6, those exercising, and persons whose compliance would be detrimental to their health, safety or welfare are not required to wear a face covering.

It is the intent of the ordinance to seek voluntary compliance and to educate and warn of the dangers of non-compliance. However, in the event voluntary compliance is not achieved, then as a last resort, a violation of the ordinance shall be a noncriminal civil infraction, which carries a penalty of up to $500.


The ordinance will sunset or expire 30 days after adoption, unless otherwise extended or repealed prior to the expiration date.

ORD. NO. 2020-24: An Ordinance of the City of Venice, Florida, Requiring Face Coverings as More Fully Specified Herein; Allowing for Exceptions to the Face Covering Requirement; Providing a Penalty for Violation; Providing for Severability; Providing for Reading by Title Only; and Providing for an Effective Date

Remember.   There are 14 exceptions, which led the VPD Chief to state that this ordinance is not enforceable.  The two primary exceptions are:

  1. Medical exemption.  You just have to let the police or anybody that request a mask know that you have a medical exception.  You do not need to present a note from a doctor.  You do not have to give specifics and VPD will not ask for specifics because it will get into HIPAA violation concerns.
  2. Mask outside.  This is only when you can’t social distance or do not have a medical exemption.


Although the county and cities in the area are back to physically being in the chambers versus virtual meetings, Venice continues the virtual meeting.  I am told that the Mayor is behind this move, with claims that his health concerns prevent him from physically being around others in the chamber.  Oddly enough, I just saw him at the grocery store without any concerns…………


Notes from the meeting:

  • Speakers:  2 – oppose mandate and 0 – for mandate.
    • First speaker was solid.  He noted several facts and during his time speaking he destroyed the face mask narrative.  He received a round of applause from the audience
    • Rosemary came down on hard on Feinsod for his political agenda and she was stopped by Caturro and Fielder.  Fielder does not want to hear emails that are negative about council members.  She read the new CDC guidelines that basically state the mask will not prevent exposure to the virus.
  • Lorie read emails:  4 – oppose mandate and 1 – for mandate (I think one is for, but it was confusing).
    • One did not like how Feinsod suggested to emailers that they target council members that were against his push to mandate mask.  This email write had a solid argument (Israel)
  • Council Comments
    • Caturro – He continues to push for the mandate.  Claiming that Sarasota Memorial leadership means a lot to him and he will be voting for it.
    • Pachota – He talked about a ton of attacks that have been made towards him and he calls them back to explain the issues w the ordinance and they change their views of his no vote to the ordinance.   He sees so many holes in the ordinance and he finds that most people don’t understand the ordinance.  He works in EMS and has been in the field.  He wears a mask, but does not believe this ordinance will do anything and is driven by emotion.   In restaurants the health department regulates, this ordinance is not needed.  All agree that after understanding and reading the ordinance that it means nothing.
    • Neunder – He is a doctor that has studied the issue extensively.  Watched the video from the special meeting and made some key points.  The VPD Chief brought up a major issue enforcing it.  Will citizens be turning in people?  How overworked will the police be?  The numbers are going down with a negative trend.  Opposed to a max of $500 fine, which is way to much.  He has been to businesses and everybody has mask requirements.  The council passed a resolution encouraging mask.  There are a lot of holes in this ordinance.  This is still America.  Everybody has an entitlement to their own opinion.  Concerned with how opinions are being addressed by the council.
    • Moore – She has read input and researched the issue.  What doesn’t work is anger, rudeness, name calling and threatening communications.  She has found that there is a lack of knowledge about the ordinance.  It is a 30 day ban, there are 17 exceptions allowing people not to wear a mask, fee for violation, and she went on.  There are a ton of holes in the ordinance.
    • Feinsod – Read some parts of a letter from Sarasota Memorial.  Noted normal flu season, schools opening and snowbirds.  These dynamics will change the infection rate in Venice.   States that reopening will bring more cases and we need to contain it.
    • Pachota – Nothing in the ordinance touches on schools, so not sure how that or any of feinsod’s other points matter.   Flu?  Why not wear a mask last flu season?   Are we trying to state we want to pass it because maybe one additional person will wear a mask?  The folks you are targeting to wear a mask, will use one of the many exceptions to NOT wear a mask.  This ordinance is not effective.
    • Nuender – This ordinance is not effective.  A resolution that was passed encouraging a mask.   The points of not being able to enforce and the anger that will come with it are troublesome.  Then the fee is excessive.  With 17 exceptions you will find that citizens will find a way not to wear a mask.
    • Fiedler – Ask attorney how it matches the ordinance in Sarasota.  No fines and compliance.
    • Attorney – Ordinance is identical to Longboat Key that is identical to Sarasota.  LBK has a tiered level fine, Sarasota is like the one Venice is trying to pass.  No fines imposed yet.
    • Moore – People that say they will leave Venice because people walk around without mask.  With this ordinance, they will still walk around with mask.


Feinsod’s fourth attempt to mandate mask passes 4 – 3.

To read the ordinance click — >>> here


Sorry folks, nothing has changed with Feinsod’s City of Venice mask mandate


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