Sarasota officer follows up with a child abuse victim with some new clothes



You might see this photo & think why are we posting a photo of baby clothes? ? To two of our incredible Officers, this photo represents a way to give back and help with fresh start for a 3-month old child. It’s a little bit of a read but we promise it’s worth it…

Last month, two of our Officers responded to a child abuse case involving a 3-month-old little boy. Sadly, the little guy was hurt badly but the good news is he’s now in foster care being cared for by a loving family.

The Officers who responded to the call took it upon themselves to follow up with the foster parents, purchased all of this for the little boy along with diapers and formula & coordinated a drop off yesterday afternoon.

City of Sarasota, when our Officers take the oath to serve and protect you, it means going above and beyond the call of duty and following up beyond the final report they take. In these times, we hope this story shows a bit of good here in the world.